Friday, May 1, 2009

Kentridge's Stereoscopes

The new Drawings and Prints: Selections from the Permanent Collection include five photogravures, three with stereoscopes by William Kentridge. For lack of a better description, I'll borrow from the accompanying description by the Metropolitan Museum of Art: "This series of prints reflects his most recent interest in optics and the construction of sight. Kentridge created three-dimensional models in his studio, which he then photographed and made into photogravures. The prints were split and paired together on a single sheet. When viewed under a stereoscope, the images reconstitute their dimensionality and become mini dioramas filled with fantastic imagery." In two of these works, Kentridge pays homage to the sixteenth-century artist Albrecht Dürer by referencing his famous prints Melencolia I and The Rhinoceros.

I remember learning about Kentridge's technique in a digital photography class I too in college, where we actually made our own photogravures. The best one I did was a depiction of a bicycle rack, with about 20 bikes all in a row. The three-dimensionality that results is really impressive.


Note from ME:
When I first started this blog, I made little maps detailing my course through the Met on each trip, and to show readers where they might find the artwork I highlighted. Though it mind seem like a small detail, it is actually somewhat time-consuming, so I regrettably stopped creating them. I still like the idea, but don't want to put in the effort if they're not useful, so I'm leaving it up to the readers. Please let me know if you like to see these little guys at the bottom of each post. Thanks!


  1. I think map is useful if the exhibition or objects are in the odd places that one can hard to find. I had difficulty last time to find Walker Evan's exhibition. Maybe you do not have to have a route but pick up the spot for some of the objects or paintings that you talked about.

    BTW, I have added your blog in the blogroll since I really enjoy it. Would you consider link exchange?

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Lin! I've added urbanartantiques to my blogroll, I'm down for the swap.
    Keep reading,


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