Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Insomnia is Productive

I haven't done this before, but as I have become more ingrained in the world of blogging, I've come across some really great stuff pertaining to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's funny how on the internet, one tangent leads to another and another, the amount of information being produced and the rate at which it's happening is staggering. I'll try to post a link when I find something of interest as I continue my quest to know everything.

Tom Hoving Videos

Just tonight I discovered this video archive of My Eye with Thomas Hoving (former Met director), thanks to a tweet from Hoving reviews exhibitions with fervor and expertise — they are a real delight to watch, especially the one's I've been to in person, like Art and Love in Renaissance Italy, for example. Hoving wrote Making the Mummies Dance about his tenure as director of the Met from 1967 to 1977.

Walker Evans

I just discovered ART.CULT, the arts and culture offshoot of Then I came across this podcast about the postcard collection of Walker Evans. Walker Evans: The Picture Postcard is on view at the Met until May 25, 2009.

Kehinde Wiley

For some reason I began thinking about The Veiled Christ, by Kehinde Wiley — perhaps because The Oxbow: After Church, after Cole, Flooded, Green Light, by Stephen Hannock (who left a comment this week!), has returned to its spot next to another Hannock landscape, leaving me wonder what has happened to Wiley's exquisite piece. Naturally, I googled Wiley, and though I didn't find the answer, I did come across these two great blogs that do a wonderful job reviewing his work: Luis Colan and Popular.

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