Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Met Drawing

So I've been meaning to do this for a LONG time. And since we all know I've suffered from some serious writer's block this summer, I decided to actually sit down and draw at the Met.

I made my way over to Petrie Court, where they have moveable chairs perfect for those, like me, without their own drawing stool. (The Court also has some of the Met's most beautiful European Sculptures — my favorite is Ugolino and His Sons by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux)...

I recognized my favorite Met resident artist, whose name I'm told is Dwight — though I've been inexplicably too shy to ever introduce myself. He seems to have picked up a couple of apprentices, one to whom he was giving a lesson today.

Anyway, instead of tackling Ugolino without having picked up a pencil in months, I found a smaller more manageable bust by the name of Marysas by Balthazar Permoser. I drew for about 30 minutes, and produced the sketch shown above. It was a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a visit to the Met - I'll be mixing more drawing in from now on.

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  1. Great drawing!!!
    I cannot believe i found your website (i thougth i was obsessed with the MET but i think you won the race by a few marathons)...well actually i was snooping online to find out a bit more about "your favorite met artist" because every sunday when i go and draw at MET he is always dare, infront of Ugolino and the drawing never seems to be finished...but he is incredible and a very nice guy.....
    Maybe i will bumb to you while sketching Ugolino,,,,i am planning on starting a large drawing of him soon....Keep posting
    Take care,


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