Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Last Week on the Roof and a Visit with Vince and Jimmy

Yesterday, my friends Vince and Jimmy accompanied me to the Met. It's always fun to share with my friends all the things I've learned over the last year. I feel like I'm showing them around my home for the first time — don't I wish I lived in a million square-foot mansion with priceless treasures!

Since I've done several informal tours with friends and family, I've begun to highlight a lot of the same things each time. However, this time I broke away from predictability and steered Vince and Jimmy through spaces they hadn't seen before — and we didn't even go to Egypt at all! We started in European paintings, first with the American Stories exhibit (I'll have more on that soon), then to Medieval and Renaissance paintings, and, of course, the Rembrandts. Next, I took them down to see the Lehman Collection, through European Decorative Arts and Petrie Court.

Then we made the ascent to the roof, which sadly closes next week while I'm out of town for the holiday. I'll miss my favorite place in New York, but I'm already looking forward to the next installation. My experience of the roof changed between last year's Jeff Koons exhibition and Roxy Paine's Maelstrom this year, so I'm anticipating another exciting piece.

We finished up in Modern Art and strolled through Oceanic and Greek and Roman Art on our way out. It was another successful visit — I humbly enjoy impressing my friends.

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