Saturday, November 29, 2008

Destination Met

On a cloudy chilly day with little time to spare on my break from work, I visited the museum for a quick look at the happenings of the day. I had forgotten that today is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but was quickly reminded by the crowd bustling about the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Surely the Met is a must-see for anyone visiting New York (it's on every "Things to do in New York" list — and rightly so). The swarms of visitors come from all walks of life, from dozens of countries; and they speak many different languages — in fact, the Met offers tours in Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, German, Russian, Korean and Japanese.

The more than three million works of art that reside in the Met are cultural artifacts created all over the world throughout the history of civilization; and the museum's visitors are the progeny of generations of ancestors interconnected in the collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's astonishing, really.

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