Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Reading and Wandering

Exhausted from a late night and a morning of catch-up, I packed my book for today's visit so I could relax at the Met. I began in the Sackler Wing at the Temple of Dendur, the grandest space in the museum, where I sat reading by the natural light of the windows. When I grew restless, I wandered through the American Wing and there I saw this library table that originally resided in William Henry Vanderbilt's Fifth Avenue mansion:

Wandering and people watching became my mission for a while, and after visiting the lavish interiors of the European Decorative Arts gallery, I came across this man in Petrie Court:
I intend to spend a few hours sketching in one of the galleries one of these days...

After checking out the Petrie Court Cafe's menu and walking through more European Decorative Arts, I ended up at the far end of the Greek and Roman Sculpture gallery where I again sat down and cracked open my book. A leisurely day, but very pleasant — I really could live here.


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