Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. Pollock

Once again, I'd like to thank Google for notifying me of Jackson Pollock's birthday (the website also notified me of René Magritte's birthday a few months ago). After clicking the image on Google's home page, search results for Jackson Pollock showed up, and the coolest website is at the top of the list — Below is the virtual "painting" of a birthday cake that I created:

Probably overlooked by most, as it hangs across from one of Pollock's famous drip paintings, this piece called Pasiphaë embodies a different style entirely. Pasiphaë is a Greek mythological figure.

And then there's Autumn Rhythm (Number 30). True to its name, Autumn Rhythm sings and dances off the canvas. Every experience looking at this piece is different — sometimes the black lines lead the eye in a swirling pattern around the rectangular surface, other times certain segments seem to come out at you, while others fade into the background, and today small portions at a time would vibrate, evoking a switchboard-like manifestation. Whatever the visual sensation, I always enjoy revisiting this piece over and over.

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